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About the Artist

Artist's Statement

My work in Ceramics is an exploration of nature as an environment to find inner-peace. This body of work reflects on a childhood growing up in the backwoods of Oregon. Physical and spiritual exploration abounded in the solitude of nature. The forms that I work with explore quiet moments of life transitions.

While studying ceramics at George Fox University I was introduced to Anagama (wood) and Raku firing. My work focuses on the tranquility attained by reflection. Color bursts are enveloped in the serenity of the work following the Japanese ideal of serenity with a touch of beauty.

It is my hope that my work allows others to connect with me to share this journey towards peacefulness and tranquility.

Career Summary

Michael Noble currently holds the position of Associate at Clay Associates in San Diego, CA. 

Michael's training in ceramics includes studies with Marsha Shankman, MFA, Xiaosheng Bi, MFA, Kevin Hluch, MFA, and Mark Terry, MFA. 

Michael's work in Ceramics for the last nineteen years has been in wheel throwing and hand-building. He has worked as an Artist in Residence at Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland. He studied ceramics at George Fox University in Portland, Oregon and other schools in Maryland. 

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